December 9 2011

  • popculturebrain:

    Watch Jason Segel’s ‘Man or Muppet’ Music Video from The Muppets | Vulture

    Not TV related but it was a great movie and one of my favourite parts!

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  • Words With Friends

    I am currently playing words with friends if any one wants to play with me send me a message through twitter

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  • December 8 2011

  • Although yesterday may have been the last day of filming of Chuck, we still do have more episodes to view.  Here are some photo’s from “Chuck vs. The Santa Suit”


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  • December 7 2011

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  • It’s 8 in the morning and I’m sad because 1) NBC is treating my favorite thing in the world like shit ; 2) THere is no way I’m coming back to Tumblr before seeing the episode



    Come on guys, it’s not as if it was like any other episode. It’s the last one before who knows when!

    I don’t want to be spoiled. I want to watch it entirely and be surprised, because you know what?

    The show deserves it. 

    I didn’t watch any spoilers and I stand by my decision…. I regret nothing.

    Couldn’t agree more. Beyond the pictures I posted I have not watched any of the videos and I will not be posting them for others to view.

    (Source: i-thinkyourmustacheisbeautiful)

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  • December 4 2011

  • Geek Furious, All Geek All the Time: The GeekFurious TOP 10 Episodes of CHUCK

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  • Community: Arrested Development Style (by thetruediscodave)

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  • December 3 2011

  • jessicafletcher:

 #Abby said she uses this photoset to explain me as a person to people 

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